Best High Heel Shoe Chairs

Are you looking for high heel shoe chairs? Well on this site we will be running through a selection of chairs that you can buy directly from Amazon and everything else you need to know about these fantastic seats that are not only comfy but also functional and stylish.

If you’re bored of the normal seating arrangements whether you want to decorate your child’s bedroom or you’ve even got your own makeup room set up that you think these chairs would make a great addition to then carry on reading.

Top 5 High Heel Shoe Chairs

All Line Khaki Chair4.7 Star Ratingmtf2Dox
All Line Leather Chair4 Star Ratingmtf2Dox
Williams Chair3.8 Star Ratingmtf2Dox
Ore Cheetah Print Chair3.5 Star Ratingmtf2Dox
All Line Chair in Teal3 Star Ratingmtf2Dox

Heel Chair Features

There are a great selection of features that make these heel chairs stand out amongst some of the more standard designs that you see on the internet and these are:

Storage Space: All of the chairs that you see listed on this site will include some form of storage space in them, this is normally in the base of the chair and they tend to operate in a similar way to an ottoman storage container. The lid will flip off and will allow you to store anything from make up items to clothing. So if you’re a bit stuck for space in your room then these can help free it up for you.

Stylish: Each chair comes in a variety of styles meaning you wont be stuck with one colour, for every product that we have listed here you will be able to find a variety of other different colours and styles which means there will always be a product to suit your rooms decor.

Comfort: Not just pretty to look at each chair listed has been tried and tested before we reviewed it meaning you’ll be happy with how comfortable they are meaning you’ll have both style, comfort and more than one functionality with these seats.

Stability: An often overlooked feature of any type of chair is how stable they are to sit on, all of the ones listed above and on site all will arrive flat packed meaning you will have to build them yourself, if you follow the instructions which have all been laid out clearly and provide you with all the necessary information then you will have an incredibly sturdy and stable chair to sit on.

Luxurious: The final feature and probably one of the major reasons that you will be purchasing one these chairs look good in any room that they are put into whether its a child’s bedroom, your own make up studio or even your bedroom. They vary in both size’s and shape so make sure you get one that fits accordingly depending on what you want to use it for.

DIY Skills? Try building one yourself

Theres a saying that a girl can never have enough pairs of shoes and this is incredibly true especially when they come in the form of a high heeled shoe. They are both stylish and attractive, inspiring fashion in the forms of t shirts, handbags and as you can see even chair formed.

High heel shoe chairs a great addition for any girl who’s crazy about heels and can even be used to store your own collection in them. While you can buy from the selection we’ve reviewed on site you can also build them yourself if you’ve got a bit of DIY knowledge or know someone who will help you out then you’ll want to read below.

Find the right materials and tools for the job

Before you even begin building you’ll want to go out and acquire all of the required materials which will include:

  • f28 inch round wood planter tub
  • 44 in x 22 in plywood plank
  • 22 in x 22 in plywood square
  • 44 in x 12 in wooden pole
  • A form of cotton fleece material in the style/colour of your choice
  • 4 x rolls of cotton batting material
  • Piping cord in the colour of your choice
  • Butcher paper
  • Large rubber mat (black)

Once you’ve got all your building materials you will want to then check in a tool box or buy from a shop the following equipment:

  • Nail Gun
  • Nails
  • Staple Gun
  • Staples
  • Utility Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Circular Saw
  • Miter Saw

Once you have all this then its time to move onto the next step.

Building the seat and the back

You will be using the wooden planter as the seat for the chair and then combining this with the wood pole and the 22 in x 22 in plywood square which will combine to make the heel of the shoe. You can begin by turing the wooden planter box upside down and then use a tape measure to measure out a 45 degree reclining angle. You will then need to use a pencil to mark out the angled line on both of the sides on your planter box. This is done in order to create cut lines which will ensure that the back of the chair will fit comfortably.

You will then need to use the miter saw to cut along the lines and then you will need to attach the 44 in x 22 in plywood board which is your chair back against the angle. Once everything fits perfectly you can then put the board to one side and turn the planter tub onto its side and use a nail gun to attach the chair back against the angle and onto the tub. Once the back is attached you will then want to flip the chair to an upright position which should resemble a chair without the high heel part attached.

Building and attaching your heel

The next step of building your own high heel shoe chair is to attach the high heel to it, you will need to use a circular saw in order to round off one of the edges on the 22 in x 22 in plywood square you bought earlier. The edge will need to be turned into a U shape which looks similar to the U shape bottom of any high heel shoe that you purchase.

After you have rounded the edge of the plywood box you will  then need to use the miter saw in order to angle the edge on the other side of the square so it will fit in comfortably with the chairs back piece. In order to attach the two pieces your ill need to use the nail gun again attaching the heel to the shoe, once this is attached you will then add your wood pole against the inside edge of your chairs heel, you will then want to use the nail gun again to attach the pole to the heel.

Upholstering Your Chair

Heres where things get fun and creative, you will need to begin by rolling out the butcher paper you bought onto a flat work surface and use a pencil to draw on any patterns that you may want on the shoe, heel and the seat. Once you’ve drawn them out cut out the patterns and put them to one side.

The next step you will need to wrap the heel, chair back and the seat of the chair in two to 3 layers of the cotton quilt material (the more you wrap it the comfier it will be) you can then secure the quilt material to the chair by using the staple gun. Once attached it is then time to trace the seat pattern that you have chosen on to a seat of cotton batting material and then cut out 5 additional pieces.

You will then need to attach the pieces onto the wrapped seat in for more cushioning, as you’ll be spending time sat down on this seat you will want to put as much as possible while keeping it look stylish. Once you’ve done this you will want to trace the seat pattern you drew out earlier onto the fleece material. You will want to add an extra 28 inches in order to account for the additional material that you’ve added. Once again you will need to cut out the pattern you made earlier and secure all fabric to the chair by wrapping it around the seat and then stapling it to the bottom of the heel/chair.

Next we will be doing the chair back and heel pattern, you will need to trace out the pattern that you drew out earlier onto the under side of the fleece material, then you will cut out the fabric and secure it in place by wrapping it around the heel and the chair back. In order to fully secure them in place pull the edges of the fabric into the centre of the back of the heel and you can then staple them in place using a staple gun this will create a seam.

Finishing Off

Not long left now all we need to do is finish off the chair. Firstly begin by tracing the seat and heel pattern that you drew out earlier onto the rubber matting. You will then need to cut out the pieces and secure it by nailing it with a type of nail called a finishing nail along the perimeter of the bottom sides of both the heel and the seat.

The rubber matting section of the chair will be your sole that you’d get in the shoe. Finally in order to attach your piping material down the fabric seams that go along the top and bottom edges of your seat you will need to use a hot glue gun.

Where to buy your high heel materials from

You can find all of these items in your local department store, but you will also be able to buy them directly from sites like Amazon and eBay. Simply use the item list that we have above and type them into the search bar, as they are all quite common items you shouldn’t have any problem finding them online.

Should I buy a ready made chair or build my own?

Well this one is completely down to how comfortable you feel with doing DIY, the main benefit of building a chair from scratch is it gives you the ability to customise it to your own design choosing how large it is, the features that it has and what patterns you want on it. This is something that you wont be able to do if you purchase a chair directly from Amazon. However the main benefit of buying a chair is everything will come perfectly fitted meaning all you need to do is follow the instructions provided in the pamphlet that comes with your high heel shoe chair.